3D Studio Blomberg (3DS) is a pioneer in industrial visualization. Our Visual Tools and Solutions for enterprise scenarios incorporate augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and interactive 3D experiences on mobile devices and directly in the browser as WebGL. 3DS use cases span from R&D to sales, installation, and operations. Since 2001 we’ve led the way to digital transformation through advanced content delivery systems to promote process efficiency, expert knowledge, and overall quality.

We are a turnkey solutions provider and, together with our global partner network, offer customers a full range of hardware, software, and content such as glasses, mobile solutions and interfaces, tracking technology, server client databases, and content development. We realize that successful AR implementation requires significant investment in changes to industrial processes and human competencies. We aim to drive this change through systematic long-term cooperation and strengthening of our global partner network.

Our current focus is on scalable enterprise AR/VR processes and solutions for global use that bridges the gap between business problems and business value.