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Purpose and mission

The purpose of the Finnish Virtual Reality Association (FIVR) is to advance virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) development and related activities in Finland. The association is for professionals and hobbyists of virtual reality. Our aim is to make Finland the best place in Europe to develop VR and AR.

FIVR (Finnish Virtual Reality Association) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the state of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality development in Finland. Our goal is to make Finland a world leading environment in XR activities. This happens by establishing a multidisciplinary and tightly-knit developer community and a complete, top-quality development ecosystem, which combines the best resources, knowledge, innovation and vigor of the public and private sectors.

We bolster the Finnish grassroots VR scene by sharing information, offering development resources, consultation, contacts and encouragement for up and coming artists, entrepreneurs, academics and enthusiasts and bringing these people together. FIVR functions as an information nexus and facilitator between all parties interested in VR/AR development. The cornerstone of our activities, the FIVR developer hub network, makes it easier for individuals and small teams to start VR and AR development.

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Joining the FIVR association is free of charge. We will keep you up to date on the platform development and tell when there are meetups and large scale events that we help to organize. You also gain access to the Finnish developer’s slack channel. Applying for the membership is required for the FIVR hub application.

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The hubs offer a free work space and equipment for work groups and companies in their early phase of development who work in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality projects. Using the space and its equipment does not cost anything, bind the team in anyway and all the work and rights to it stay within the developing team.

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