FIVR developer hubs

FIVR has been building a developer hub network since 2016 that currently reaches Helsinki, Turku and Tampere. The FIVR hubspaces act as local centers of VR/AR development and provide local developers and artists an access to this rapidly changing technological scene. FIVR offers a free shared work space and equipment for groups and companies in their early phase of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality development.

Use of the hub space and its equipment is free through an application process for all FIVR members. Using the space and its equipment does not cost anything or bind the team in any way. All work and rights to it stay within the developing team.


Apply for a hub in Helsinki

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Helsinki XR Center (2019)

Main developer hub of FIVR in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Hämeentie 135A, 00560 Helsinki


FIVR hub @ Finlayson
Väinö Linnan aukio 15, 33210 Tampere


FIVR hub @ Hive 3rd floor
Itäinen Pitkäkatu 4, 20520 Turku


The association gives developers access to a comprehensive selection of VR equipment. The VR equipment is currently fully utilized in our existing hubs.

  • 25 VR Kits in total: HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, Rift S, Quest, Go, Samsung Odyssey+, Valve Index.
  • 20 computer workstations.
  • Perception Neuron motion capture suit.
  • 4 x 360 Cameras. Samsung Gear, Insta360 OneX, Kandao Obsidian R
  • Green screen studio.

Past and present teams

The FIVR hub network has already offered its resources and work spaces to 45 VR/AR projects and startups that range from art and science to consumer entertainment and business-to-business solutions. New teams are added to our hubs as space becomes available. Here are some of the past and present teams that have used our facilities and resources.

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