Top four VR and AR projects of the Junction Hackathon


Europe’s biggest hackathon Junction came to Helsinki last weekend. People came there from across the globe – more than 60 nationalities were represented. Virtual reality had its own track at the event and FIVR was one of the Hardware Partners. We have collected top four VR and AR projects from the weekend, so you don’t have to.


It is raining kittens – Purrgatory

One of the most fascinating projects of Junction is this augmented reality game, where you save the kittens dropping from the sky. If a kitten falls from too high, you will lose. Your aim is to help the kittens to get safely to goal. The user interface utilizes the real world where you pile up items that the kittens can use to land safely.


Firefighting simulator – Fiery mess

Initial fire-extinguishing is something that everyone should know how to do. Most of us haven’t had a chance to learn it. That is in the past, thanks to this firefighting simulator. With this simulator you can train your skills and learn how to act when it is needed.


Full immersion VR motorcycle – OculusDrift

The OculusDrift team hacked a real life miniature motorcycle that could be controlled with small handlebars and combined that with virtual reality. Funny and creative project that sums up what hackathons are all about.

Surviving in the woods – Build a Raft

In this game you find yourself in the woods next to the campfire. You can do different kinds of activities, even learn how to make hamburgers from a cow. Beautiful graphics and nice overall experience!

Check out the submissions of the teams for more info:


Fiery mess:


Build a Raft:

FIVR at Slush Shanghai


The second Slush ever in China – Slush Shanghai drew in investors and startups all slush1over China and Finland. FIVR brought along 5 Virtual Reality development teams that were both from our Hub at Iso Paja as well as indie teams from Helsinki, Tampere and Kajaani.

slush2The event was a huge success. Along with investors and visitors our teams got to meet with HTC and Vive X Global Accelerator and gained great connections to the booming VR market in China.

Thanks for everyone who put work to make this event as great as it was:
– Slush organization (Special thanks to our stand master Rover & all the volunteers)
– Teatime Research (Paavo & Aleksis)
– Pixelface/Vizor (Anna-Rosa & Kaarlo)
– Iceflake Studios (Lasse)
– Nemesis Perspective (Teemu & Mikko)
– Lollihop (Anthon)
– FIVR (Olli & Niko)


You can read more about the event and the thoughts of our participating teams from the Chinese TechCrunch.

Our next events will be next week with YLE Beta Days and after that the Slush Helsinki Hackatons with Ultrahack and Junction.


The team behind Pocket Gamer Connects will support VR (starting in Helsinki next week!)

This is a guest blog by Dave Bradley, Editorial Operations Manager at Steel Media.

VR is now so important, that we’re changing how we run our business so that we can support it more.

That’s a bold claim, but as the final PG Connects of 2016 approaches (5th and 6th September in Helsinki) it’s clear that we have to expand what we do as a media company to better serve the growing VR industry.

Here at Steel Media we’re most famous for our Pocket Gamer brand, which has served the mobile gaming industry with websites and events for 10 years. But now we are expanding beyond our original remit to support VR in all its forms.

At PGC Helsinki 2016, we’ve introduced the VR Indie Pitch, a separate addition to our usual Big Indie Pitch. It’s a chance to show your in-progress VR projects (regardless of platform) to our team of publishers, pundits and press representatives. There’s also a VR showcase area and an expanded VR talks track. Did you see that we just announced Tommy Palm delivering an exclusive keynote speech about Google Daydream?

Here’s how you can be a part of it. Tickets are now up to full price, but for our friends at FIVR you can get 40% off by using the code PGCH-VR40.

Alternatively you can get in for free if you sign up to take part in the VR Indie Pitch.

A ticket also gets you into the rest of the show, so you can see what’s going on in the mobile world too; you’ll be able to witness any of the eight tracks, join the pitch and match system for meetings, our Unreal workshop, come to the massive Pocket Gamer party and so on. It all takes place at Wanha Satama, Pikku Satamakatu 3-5, Helsinki in just over a week’s time.

And we have even bigger plans for VR in the future. Later in September we’ll be launching a new B2B website dedicated to the VR industry, a sister site to covering the growing VR business. And in London in January 2017 we’ll be running a whole VR Connects programme alongside PG Connects, giving it its own identity.

We think VR is the most thrilling place to be in games development at the moment and it’s a place we’re expanding and exploring as a media company. 

Dave Bradley photo
Dave Bradley

Email me to find out more about any of these projects.


The Finnish VR-scene is growing fast!

Two weeks ago Assembly Computer Festival once again gathered Finnish gamers and game developers together. This time VR was the hot topic of the event.

People were waiting eagerly for their turn to test out virtual reality. FIVR had produced the biggest VR-Zone in the North Europe for the event in cooperation with IGDA.

The VR-Zone was filled with HTC Vives that anyone could try out freely. For many people, VR-Zone at Assembly was their first experience with virtual reality.

In total 1500 participants saw demos and games at the VR-Zone. Many of the demos were made by Finnish teams. Maybe seeing those demos will encourage even more people into developing for VR.




FIVR & Tea Time Research mentioned in Pelaaja magazine

The finnish gaming magazine Pelaaja had in this months issue an article about the Hub in Pasila. Our Hub Goblin Tuomas gives his views on the industry and there is a more deep look into the home planner software being constructed at the hub.

Remember that you can still apply for the hub! Next teams will be selected 10.6 and after that you can apply at any time. More teams will be added as new equipment arrives.


31.5 Hub Day with Hololens

15:00 – Doors open
15:05 – Presenting the Microsoft HoloLens.
15:20 – HoloLens Demo, Mingling, Random Demos
17:00 – Doors close
Hub days are organized every two weeks, with Hub teams presenting a project or with special guests.
This is an informal event with just one official demo and no catering.
Contact Tero Pänkäläinen 0405758064 if you need any assistance.
Tuesday, May 31, 2016 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM (EEST) – Add to Calendar
YLE Iso Paja – Radiokatu 5, 00240 Helsinki – View Map
Sign-up for a free ticket


FIVR Hub Day with Magical Rift Heroine

Finnish Virtual Reality Association Hub Day.

15:00 – Doors open

15:05 – Presenting a post-mortem of the game Magical Rift Heroine by Samuli Jääskeläinen, legendary Finnish game jammer and game programmer at Mindfield Games.

15:25 – Magical Rift Heroine Demo ( Oculus DK2 + CV1 ), Mingling, Random Demos

17:00 – Doors close

Hub days will be organized every two weeks, with one of the Hub teams presenting their project.

This is an informal event with just one official demo and no catering.

Call Tuomas Karmakallio at 0505710007 if you need assistance on the day of the event.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (EEST) Add to Calendar
YLE Iso Paja – Radiokatu 5, 00240 Helsinki – View Map