VR / AR growth program

As virtual and augmented reality technologies are gaining momentum in arts, sciences and on every imaginable business sector, FIVR and Demos Helsinki are co-operating on a new two-year growth program to give the Finnish VR/AR business environment a boost and strengthen Finland’s position as global front-runners of immersive technology development.

The program features 12 month-long workshop sessions which unite micro and small VR/AR solution provider startups with medium and large client businesses. Every one month workshop has its individual participants, goals and purposes, which are tailored according to the clients needs and wishes. The end result is a test case of immersive technology incorporated into a specific business need: A software prototype or content study for example.

The Finnish VR/AR startup scene will get crucial experience and a proving ground for their skills as well as 12 new business opportunities and potentially fruitful clientships as the result of this workshop. Large client companies in turn receive an agile software developer partner with extensive knowledge of cutting edge immersive technologies and a glimpse of the new business horizons they can illuminate. This creates space for unique new business models, cooperation and partnerships between small and large businesses as well as boosts the overall quality and sustenance of local VR and AR startup ecosystem.

The program is funded by European Social Fund (Euroopan Sosiaalirahasto, ESR), and facilitated and designed by FIVR and Demos Helsinki. It is part of the European Union Social Fund’s “Kestävää Kasvua ja työtä 2014-2020” -program.


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