May 8, 2021

Greetings from FIVR board!

Eero Tiainen

After a couple of rougher years, it seems our young industry is heading towards steadier growth. Never has there been this many devices on the faces and hands of the public. Spring is coming for extended realms.

The present FIVR board has been in function from the end of 2019 now. Back then, Santeri Suominen started as the chair. The latest addition is Antti “Wusakko” Kuusisto from Seinäjoki. Great to have him on board! Here’s the board in its current glory:

This year, we want to move up a gear in a couple of ways. In addition to meetups, networking and public discussion about all things XR, FIVR wants specifically to bring together a network of investors interested in XR-solutions. Many entrepreneurs and companies working in the field rely heavily on investor funding, but finding investors is a form of art of its own. At the same time, investors seek an efficient way for keeping up with the rapid progress in the field and finding the most lucrative innovations. By organizing more chances of exchange between the developers and investors, we could smoother their engagement processes.

We’re kickstarting this process by linking up with our fellow association from across the Gulf of Finland, the Estonian VR Association EEVR. Together, we will be organizing a joint investor meetup in AltSpace between the two countries’ communities in May. We’re currently in the process of rounding up interested business angels and VC’s to meet and greet various XR startups, hear pitches and discuss the current XR investment landscape together with expert speakers. If you are a company or a team that wishes to pitch and deepen your investor contacts, or an investor who wishes to attend the meetup, just sign up! More info from FIVR’s Facebook and FIVR Slack.

FIVR always tries to find ways for making the freelancers and companies working in the field be heard. Adding a new channel for this, FIVR hereby opens blog articles for guest writers wanting to make their organization’s innovations and solutions known to the public. These blog articles will be distributed through FIVR social channels. What uses of XR technology have you discovered recently? Please contact Eero, if you want to know more about this opportunity:

Finally, we are happy to hear from anyone who has ideas for developing the Finnish XR field! Would you like to be involved actively in FIVR and contribute to our common cause for maintaining Finland as a global powerhouse of virtual and augmented reality? One of our annual themes is to open up the association more to its members and introduce concrete steps to become active contributors. We are always open to ideas, discussion and wider participation. Feel free to contact us and tell us what is on your mind!

With springy greetings,
FIVR Board


Eero Tiainen   @aerror

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