March 14, 2018

Mixed Reality Report 2017

Olli Sinerma

FIVR and Neogames co-created the Finnish Mixed Reality 2017 report that was published today by Business Finland. The report is available for download from here (PDF).

The research for the report indicated that commercially successful consumer software market in VR/AR is still 3-5 years from now and it will require advancement in hardware technology as well as content and comfortability for the mass consumer market to catch on.

Fortunately VR and AR are not only restricted to consumer business and there is strong growth in the business sector. Already VR is actively used in ACM, education and healthcare industries. There are strong indicators that it will actually be the B2B market that will be the strong initial driver for the mixed reality industry.


Article about the report by Business Finland (in Finnish)



Olli Sinerma  

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